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36o Sailing is based in Marina Bay, Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean. It is a peninsula with an area of 6.843 square kilometres (2.642 sq mi), bordering Spain at it’s northern end. It is dominated by The Rock of Gibraltar at whose foot the city area is clustered. There is a surprising amount to do in Gibraltar and combined with its eclectic culture, it makes for a popular tourist destination and an ideal location to start your Yacht charter.

Our Location

Gibraltar has an interesting and diverse history resulting in an eclectic culture influenced by the British, Spanish, Maltese, Portuguese, Italians, Moroccans and Indians – to name but a few! The official language is English, but born and bred Gibraltarians often speak ‘llanito’, a hybrid of English and Spanish. Gibraltar pounds are used, and have a 1 to 1 exchange rate with GB sterling so, in practice, both currencies are freely used in all establishments. Euros can also be used in most outlets, but the exchange rate offered is generally fairly poor.

There is a surprising amount to do in Gibraltar; popular options include visiting St. Michael’s Cave, the World War II tunnels, dolphin safaris, taking the cable car to the Top of the Rock, shopping (Gibraltar is VAT free!) and, of course, meeting the Barbary Macaques, the apes resident on ‘the Rock’.

Charter destinations

How to get there

Gibraltar has it’s own airport with direct flights from London Gatwick (Easyjet), London Heathrow (British Airways), Luton (Monarch) and Liverpool (Easyjet) airports in the UK.

It is also well served by Spanish airports. Malaga and Jerez airports are both a 90 minute drive away, and Seville is 2 hours away. These three airports provide links to most international airports in the UK and mainland Europe. There are no public transport links between these airports and La Linea (the Spanish town that borders Gibraltar), so transfer has to be by taxi or hire car.

The nearest train station to Gibraltar is in Algeciras, from which it is possible to catch a bus to La Linea.

Note that there is a border crossing between La Linea and Gibraltar, for which you need your passport. It only takes a few minutes to walk across the border, but the queues for entry or exit by car can be lengthy (an hour is not uncommon) – please bear this in mind if you are arriving for a charter or have a plane to catch. Also note that if you hire a car and plan to take it into Gibraltar, you need to inform the hire car company to ensure that your insurance covers you for this.

Once in Gibraltar, Marina Bay is approximately a 10 minute walk from the border, or there is a taxi rank opposite the airport. See the attached map.

We are happy to help arrange transfers or give individual advice on the best way to get here, just contact us.

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